Clients who fit your preference

Set up your ideal client preference. Receive qualified clients at your virtual doorstep. Spend your time on actually lawyer work.

Match clients with estate lawyers.

We match you with clients who fits your specific criteria, whether it’s by the size of assets or family dynamics.

Manage your clients easily, do what matters.

We take the tedious client acquisition work out of your workflow.  So you may focus on the highest value lawyer work.

Expand your client base effortlessly

Reach a broader audience. Expand your regionally if you’d like. Take on cases that challenges your expertise and knowledge.

1. Set your preference

You might prefer working with simpler case or a challenging case for higher payout. Set your ideal target client profile.

2. Get matched

Users whose demographics or life situations that match your preferences will be able to connect with you.

3. Information Readily Available

Information about their asset and family dynamics instantly available for you to get started.

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